How to Automatically and Quickly Count the Number of Metal Steel Tubes in a Picture

In industrial production, we often encounter the scene of counting metal steel pipes. Since the circle is not as easy to arrange as a square, the counting cannot be calculated by multiplication, but can only be counted one by one. The efficiency is very low.
With the development of artificial intelligence, more and more things can be done by computers. So how does artificial intelligence improve the efficiency of steel pipes?
Using the "CountThings By Camera" mobile app, you only need to select the photo of the steel pipe interface that you have taken, and then circle the point area, click Identify, you can quickly identify the number of metal steel pipes in the circled part of the picture. It uses a combination of front and back ends. The artificial intelligence method is used for recognition. It not only speeds up the recognition speed, but also increases the recognition accuracy.
The effect is as follows:


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