Real-time bacterial microcolony Automated counting

    Colony counting, often performed manually using the light box and pen method, demands a very high level of concentration by the microbiologist. As a way to manage this error-prone and time-consuming process, researchers resort to analyzing only parts of a plate to estimate whole plate numbers, introducing inaccuracies in the data.
     To simplify the colony counting process, scientists often work with colored bacterial colonies by either using chromogenic media or by staining the colonies. Although easier to visualize compared to uncolored bacteria, obtaining accurate colored counts relies on the microbiologist having perfect color vision. As the brain interprets colors differently, there can be discrepancies in the colony counts when multiple scientists work on the same project.

Automated colony counters serve as a solution to these challenges, with the ability to detect and count colonies with greater accuracy and speed.

    The colony counting problem can be easily solved by using the "CountThings By Camera" mobile app. You only need to take a photo, click to identify, and the whole process can be automatically completed, and the accuracy can also be adjusted.

You can download it at google play named "CountThings By Camera"

How to Automated Count and Pick Colonies