Automatic colony counting with mobile phone

In the fields of medical and health, environmental protection, food, chemical industry, biological industry, etc., bacterial culture is very important work. The calculation of colony count is a very necessary evaluation index. However, the counting of colonies is a very tedious and boring process. Currently counting The methods of colonization are:
One: Manual points, manual points are very time-consuming, and you need to record the progress of points at all times. If you are disturbed, the counting will be inaccurate.
Two: counting equipment, there are professional technical equipment at present, but the purchase of counting equipment is expensive and inconvenient to use, so it needs to cooperate with professional software and computers.
With the development of artificial intelligence and the improvement of mobile phone configuration, we can directly take pictures of the petri dish through the mobile phone, and the number of colonies can be automatically identified. more precise.
First of all, we need to download the "CountThings By Camera" app. You can download it yourself in major app stores.
Then download the corresponding template for colony points.
Next, we just need to take a picture of the petri dish and circle the range of points.
Click Identify, wait a few seconds, and you can complete the point operation.

If the results are biased, you can also manually adjust the accuracy or manually click the picture to correct the results.