Automated counting of bacterial colonies on agar

    The colony counter is an instrument that is commonly used to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms on a plate containing a gelled growth medium. A fully automated system would essentially consist of collecting images using any one of the digital image capturing devices such as document scanner/charge coupled device digital camera/webcam or video equipment. Colonies can be counted from pictures of plates using software tools. In automated systems, the objects and their backgrounds can be varied widely. Usually, one of the three methods of illumination can be selected to enhance visibility and increase accuracy. These are the following: transmission method, reflection method, and dark field method. The colony counter is used for microbiology applications for fast and accurate counting of bacterial and mould colonies.
    The colony counting problem can be easily solved by using the "CountThings By Camera" mobile app. You only need to take a photo, click to identify, and the whole process can be automatically completed, and the accuracy can also be adjusted.

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How do we Automated count bacterial colonies